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Fitout proposals – no obligation - we'll provide you with details to help you make a considered decision, determine suitability of our skills, and culture; and negotiate the lease with confidence. You'll get:

  • A sketch plan based on your brief, usually within 48 hours
  • A condition report of potential tenancies in simple bullet point format
  • Indicative budgets for the construction of the fit out
  • When considering your future office requirements - as with any commercial business decision – it’s critical to establish a clear strategy and defined objectives. Taking into consideration your own business plans and aligning them with your office accommodation needs is best practice. We provide you with clear information and knowledge to help ensure your property strategy is successful.

    The property process can be complex and our expertise will provide many benefits.

    Concept Office Interiors are designers and project managers, having completed thousands of projects around Melbourne, Victoria over the last 25 years. A better physical environment within the office will boost the employee’s moral and ultimately improve productivity. Every office has unique furniture and spatial requirements, lighting and heating arrangements and different levels of noise.

    Concept Office Interior fit out services include:

    • Interior Design for offices, medical suites, retail space
    • Interior design planning, approval and permits
    • Project Management
    • Construction
    Considering a move/relocation, make an informed decision. Our free assessment of your potential assessment includes:
    • Services: air conditioning, mechanical, lift, fire, lighting electrical
    • Floors: weight loading, condition of carpet, etc
    • Ceilings: the condition of tiles and plaster
    • Market conditions: timing, incentives, market rates and outgoings
    • Space: what do you need?
    • Layout: what is the best layout for your firm and indicative fit out costs?
    • Details: the small details that can assist in concluding a favourable negotiation

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    We engage all of our clients to understand the way their business operates, in terms of strategic vision, brand, market, operations and people. Every project is carefully managed to ensure we meet their needs and with a functional, pragmatic and efficient office space.

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